Top Marketing Experts Converge to Provide a True Internet Marketing Experience

Greg Boser

Have you ever left a conference with the energy, excitement and newly attained knowledge still coursing through you? The Internet Marketing Experience, put on by the BlueGlass team, was one of those conferences. The experience was so positive that I feel obliged to share some of the highlights, as they pertain to online marketing, in […]

13 Tips to Find & Land Your Online Marketing Dream Job

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The online marketing industry has been one of the hottest, fastest growing industries in the past 5 years. As companies, large and small, look to improve their online presence and expand their service offerings to their own customers, qualified online marketing specialists continue to become more valuable and in-demand. Being in the industry myself for […]

Online Marketing with Group Buying Websites


Online marketing is not all about techniques and tactics that search marketing professionals are best suited for. As a matter of fact, some of the most effective marketing strategies involve little to no expertise or experience with things like Search Engine Optimization or Paid Search Marketing. One of these new mediums that we are referring […]

How to Rank Higher in Local Search Results

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As search engine users become more savvy, hyper-local search phrases will continue to become more commonly used. For businesses, this means that your website and/or blog must be optimized for its most targeted, local keywords. In addition, it is more important than ever that your business is properly listed in the correct places so that […]

5 Common Social Marketing Mistakes

Social netwroking and internet concept crossword

Social media has exploded over the past 2 years. Businesses, large and small, are integrating social media marketing campaigns into their marketing plans. The ones who truly understand the purpose of social media are reaping the rewards while those who are just following the herd are having trouble justifying their time and money spent on […]

Online Reputation Management


Do you know what comes up in the search results when you query your name, business, company or product? If not, then you must read on because this post is going to help you save face and protect your brand. If you do know what comes up and it is not something you are pleased […]

Press Release Marketing


One of the best ways you can market your business online is with a Press Release. These PR tools are relatively simple to setup and send out. More importantly, they can be extremely effective when optimized correctly for news wires, readers and search engines. However, as press releases become more widely used by marketers, it […]